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Sleek & Beautiful

Magic Cast Products

just like MAGIC, they will make your jewelry shine bright!

Top Selling Products

We are best in the industry

Sleek & Beautiful

Magic Green

Concentrated cleaning power without the ammonium. Magic Green cleans dirt, grime, rogue, and tripoli.

Sleek & Beautiful

Black Magic

A non-acidic pickle for all metals; no fumes, no corrosion, and safe to use at the bench.

Sleek & Beautiful

Magic Vanish

This will clean silver, gold, brass and copper in 15 seconds or less! No rubbing or buffing required.

A few of our favorites

Sleek & Beautiful

Pure Magic

Cleans the dirt and biological matter from jewelry in 3-5 minutes! It really is MAGIC

Sleek & Beautiful

Magic Flame

a 4-in-1 soldering compound

Sleek & Beautiful

Clean Steam

Highly concentrated & prevents rust buildup and mineral deposits inside the steamer

Sleek & Beautiful

Micro Wax Film

This will leave an invisible shield to protect your wax items from bubbles attaching during investing.

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